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“Disrupting Senior Leadership: Getting and Sustaining Executive Sponsorship!” – Suzane Greeman

It is well established that executive and board level sponsorship is a necessary ingredient for the success of an asset management culture. However, time and time again we hear that reliability and asset management are failing because the passionate groundswell movement keeps running up against a brick wall. Then the passion slowly dies, the light of management support barely ever shining on it. Management systems standards such as ISO 5500x places special responsibility on top management, such as executives, Board of Directors and elected representatives. This is because top management is responsible to stakeholders for driving value through the organization and hence, deriving value from assets. This requires the harmonizing the functions within the organization to contribute effectively to the value chain. What then is the role of the executives and the board in aligning operational and financial functions towards creating sustainable economic value from assets?

Let’s explore this on a journey through four key questions of executive sponsorship as seen from middle and frontline management:

1. Why is senior management sponsorship a key success factor for entrenching reliability and asset management culture within the organization?
2. Given its importance, why then is executive sponsorship for reliability culture so elusive?
3. How will we get senior management to champion asset management philosophies such as value creation, life cycle costing and risk-based decision-making and reinforce them constantly?
4. How can you disrupt senior leadership without breaking your career?

In this keynote presentation, I will show you how I have failed and succeeded at disrupting top management and securing executive support. I will share real world examples and insights that I gained over the years that middle management can use to attract and sustain sponsorship from the highest levels of decision makers in the organization. Specifically, I will outline the steps to communicate asset risks and opportunities using effective business language, educating top management in asset management and reliability, influencing senior leadership’s actions and driving value through the organization. The speech will focus on getting top management to create cohesion, disruption and collaboration within their own ranks and at the middle management level. This will ensure that these leaders model, embrace, support and participate in the asset management transformation of the organization.

Getting and sustaining executive and board level sponsorship requires disrupting senior leadership. Surviving the organization requires strategic disruption!

“Operations & Insight” presented by George Simonoff, Blackbird Engineering

This presentation will focus on successes and failures from an operations point of view.

How to be successful is a long-discussed topic within the reliability community.  There’s not a conference that goes by where some discussion isn’t focused on getting buy-in somewhere in the organization.

More than half of George’s career was in an operations roles and shop floor focused – most of that as maintenance manager.  In his most recent role, he was asked to head the newest Halos facility maintenance team in a turnaround situation.

Through his career, he’s experienced both successes and failures and will share some of his learnings with this audience.