Featured Keynotes

Raj Datta & Rob Risany

Kicking off the conference will be Raj Datta, Vice President of Cloud and Cognitive Cognitive Solutions, IBM and Rob Risany, IoT Connected Analytics Executive, IBM. They will present “Connected Analytics as a Foundation for Industry Disruption.”

Industry 4.0.  The Internet of Things.  Cloud.  Artificial Intelligence.  Cognitive Computing.  So many buzzwords — but how do you create real innovation without getting stuck in another I.T. trend hype cycle.  Two executives from IBM will share a point of view, real world cases, and practical steps you can take to create a viable business and technical approach to using Connected Analytics to shake up your business — and your industry. 

Klaus Blache

Kicking off Day 2 will be industry thought leader Klaus Blache, PhD, CMRP, RMIC, Director of the RCM at the University of Tennessee will be presenting “The Future is Here – What Now?”

An entertaining overview at what is happening today. The future is now. It’s not all happening at one place or company, so it’s not always evident. But make no mistake, it’s here. The interconnectivity of the IIoT brings both disruptive and synergistic challenges and opportunities. Regardless of how ready you are, the future will be evolving at an accelerating pace, with or without you. The current state of Predictive Technology usage in North America (2016 study) will also be discussed, along with what is needed to enable success in the future business environment.